The Sustainable Underwear I Can’t Stop Wearing: My Unsponsored Review of Parade

July 8, 2021

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I feel like I would be doing a disservice to you all if I didn’t share how much I love Parade’s underwear and bras because of both how well they fit and how comfortable they are. Not to mention, they are sustainably made and everything is packaged in compostable material!

To be transparent: while this is completely unsponsored and I just know the struggles of not being able to find good bras or underwear that are comfy, they did send me several pairs of their underwear at the beginning of the year (asking nothing in return), but I have since bought more on my own dime. I love everything about Parade and they’re pretty much all I wear now undergarments-wise! 

I wanted to share what I think of their bras and underwear because I know that finding super comfortable AND well-fitting undergarms can be struggle bus city! I tell all my girlfriends how much I love everything of theirs, which is why I wanted to write a post with all my thoughts.

If you’re not familiar with Parade, they’re a size inclusive, sustainable and really playful, bright underwear company. They make underwear, bralettes, lingerie, all of it with, literally, the softest material I have ever felt. That is why it’s pretty much all I ever wear now. They have so many different styles to choose from and a lot of different models wearing the styles, which I really appreciated, too! 

Below are the styles I own and why I love them!Play: Scoop & Triangle Bralette 

Play: Scoop & Triangle Bralette 

I thought I loved the bras I previously wore and now I’ve only worn those when my Parade bralettes aren’t clean haha! Just like I mentioned above, the fabric is so insanely comfortable I never want to take them off, which I feel is so rare for a bra!! I’ve owned bralettes before that I felt had no support at all, but I feel like both these styles still offer the perfect amount of support. 

The fit is incredibleee because the band doesn’t cut off your circulation or squeeze your skin either (literally the worst). One of the hardest parts (for me at least) about finding a bra is finding one that doesn’t gape and one you can’t see through a white t-shirt. These do the trick! Plus, they’re extremely affordable - especially for the quality!! Here is the scoop bralette (the pink one) and here is the triangle bralette (the nude one). 

Universal: Thong, Hip Hugger and Brief

I never thought I’d be here raving about underwear, but here I am and if you need new underwear, my gosh, I cannot emphasize enough how dang comfortable their underwear is!! 

The material is so lightweight and soft, it not only slides onto your skin, but also is so weightless I sometimes forget I’m wearing them. They hug your body in all the right places and are so smooth underneath your clothes, too! Here is the thong, here is the hip hugger, and here is the brief.

 If you’re in the market for new underwear or bras, I wanted to put Parade on your radar because like I’ve said a ton now, I love how they fit and how comfy they are, but I also love supporting companies that are doing good for the environment!! A win all around :) 

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