Sustainable Sweaters

October 27, 2020

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With cool temps just around the corner, I wanted to share a roundup of sustainable sweaters!

I was talking with one of my favorite ethical companies the other day, ABLE, and we were talking about how it’s so hard for people to wrap their heads around paying 2-3x as much for an article of clothing that is ethically made. And TBH, that’s really frustrating for me. I don’t understand why you’d purchase cheaply made clothes that will last only a few years (if that) when you could purchase an article of clothing that’s built to last and the cost per wear actually ends up lower than other purchases. That's why I am sooo excited to share these sustainable sweaters with you all. They're fashionable and made to last - plus, you can rest easy knowing that everyone who made them was paid a living wage!With that in mind, I know not everyone can spend $200 on one jacket. But, if you’re purchasing 6 different things from a fast fashion company, I urge you to think about what you need vs. what you want. And make sure you’re thinking long-term with your  purchases, not just one season.Ok let’s get into it! Here’s a list of some crazy cute sustainable sweaters:

Sezane Solal Sweater

Sezane is one of my favorite ethical companies. Based in Paris, all their pieces are chic, feminine and timeless. They have a ton of rich, vibrant colored sweaters for fall, but I thought this was just so fun!

Outerknown Water-Less Mock Neck

Sometimes turtle necks can get really itchy and obnoxious, which is why I love the shape of this one! They have a few different colors, but I think this shade is so pretty and unique!

ABLE Rose Relaxed Sweater Tunic

I love everything ABLE and dieddd when I saw their new line of sweaters! The fit looks amazing and can we talk about this amazing color?! You can use my code MOLLY20 for 20% off!

Kotn Knitted Lantern Sweater

I have a sweater kind of similar to this and love wearing it all season long. These two colors are sooo easy to pair with everything! Kotn has a ton of affordable options and I’ve been really impressed with their quality.

Big Bud Press Thermal

Big Bud Press is my new OBSESSION. Size inclusive and obviously ethical, they have the most colorful clothes I’ve found amongst ethical brands. This is technically a thermal and not a sweater, butttt v worthy of being included!

Whimsy and Row Haley Knit Sweater

Another newer fave brand, Whimsy and Row has a ton of affordable options, as well! I got  coat from them on super sale and have been eyeing a few other gorgeous pieces, like this sweater! Save this post for later:

8 Sustainable and Ethical Sweaters to Wear all Season Long. Check out my roundup of sweaters from ethical shops across the globe and why I love them. #sustainability #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrands #fallfashion
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