Nike Women’s Aeroswift Shorts Review

April 26, 2023

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Anytime I saw someone in the Nike Aeroswift shorts, I loved them. I finally ordered a pair of my own to try and wanted to share my review on the shorts!

I was hesitant for a long time to order the Nike Aeroswift shorts because it goes without saying that they are short. I actually prefer shorts on the shorter side when it comes to running…but none of mine were this short! The cute pleats are what sold me; I didn’t have any shorts similar to that and I loved that unique feature of the shorts. 

It always depends on the brand, but I am M/L and I ordered the large. If you’re in between sizes, I definitely recommend going with the bigger size or else I think there would be weird bunching near the crotch lol. OK so let’s get into it! You can see the shorts on me below + my thoughts a bit further down:


  • Extremely lightweight, you can hardly even tell you have them on 
  • Split short design with pleats on the back half 
  • Small pocket in the back for a card or key 
  • Short inseams (2 ½” inseams) 


Like I mentioned above, I was nervous about them being too short for me or not looking right on my body type. I actually think they are SO flattering though! It took me awhile to feel comfortable running in them - not because they are uncomfortable, but because it felt so unnatural to be running in shorter shorts! After I got over being self-conscious, I loved them. I love how breezy they are when I run and the lightweight aspect is amazing. 

I think you understand by now that they are short LOL but I’ve actually never struggled with chafing in them. I always put on Megababe anti-chafe rub before running, so that probably helps. Even though they’re short, they really don’t ride up and stay in place pretty well. The only time they “ride up” per say is when there’s a big gust of wind and the front part might blow a bit. 

I ended up wearing these shorts for my 50 mile race in March! The weather was crazy and it poured for more than half the race, but I still didn’t have any issues with the shorts. I don’t think I ever fiddled with them and they were comfy for all 13 hours of that run! That says a lot about a pair of shorts.

If you are someone who chafes easily or likes more coverage, these probably aren’t the shorts for you. But, if you’re ok with being a little cheeky on your runs, I think they’re a great purchase! I found my pair on Poshmark and my second pair on Dick’s Sporting Goods, both for a more affordable price than their typical $70 price tag. 

Overall, I see these shorts as the perfect race shorts. They make you feel fast and they’re so cute, too. Plus, if there’s ever a time to wear shorter shorts, it’s on race day!

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