Gift Guide for Runners

November 11, 2022

HI! I’m Molly.

Here to encourage you on your own bold pursuit of intentional living as I live out my own. I’m passionate about running, spending time doing what I love and cheering others on to approach running with joy.

It’s that time of year! Whether you’re looking to gift or need some inspiration on what to ask for, here is my gift guide for the runner!

I love this time of year and I really love finding the perfect gift for someone. It’s especially fun thinking about gifts I’d want specifically related to running, which is why I wanted to put this one together! I’m not someone who particularly wants a lot of things, so seeing other people make lists like this always provide a lot of inspo for me when creating my Christmas list to send to my family. Enjoy!

Shop OXB Necklace 

These necklaces are perfect for athletes who don’t want to take off their jewelry every time they sweat. The quality is also great and they won’t irritate your skin! 

Etched Marathon Pint Glass

If I drank beer, this 100% would be on my Christmas list!!

Bombas Sock Bag 

I’ve asked for Bombas the past two Christmases and they make such a great gift – especially this cute sock bag with all the different styles! 

Typewriter Note on Candle 

I think these are intended to have personalized love notes on them, but I love the idea of writing your running mantra on the candle instead. So motivating!

ESPCO Holiday Gift Box 

In full transparency, I am partnering with them in the next few weeks, however including them in this gift guide was not part of our agreement. I just feel very strongly that these boxes are full of such delicious carbs and no runner would not be excited to receive and eat them. I'm not kidding when I say these are some of the best soft pretzels ever!!

Ciele Hat 

I recently ordered a Ciele hat after seeing a lot of people wear them on social media and I’m obsessed! They have the cutest color combos. Their website is here

Recovery Slides

I think everyone here knows these are pretty much the only shoes I wear outside of running shoes. They feel like squishy marshmallow shoes on your feet! 

Our Place Always Pan

I’ve had this pan for two years now and still love it. Runners have to cook all the time in order to fuel enough, so cookware is a great idea! 

Atomic Habits

I’ve learned a lot about routines and discipline since becoming a runner, but building good habits is something I am still working to strengthen (as it always will be!). This is an incredible book for anyone looking to build better habits.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen 

My holy grail skincare item is this sunscreen. It’s great for long days of running out in the sun and perfect for those who don’t wear much makeup, but still want a slight shimmer. 

Medal Holder

Let’s be honest – we all know one of our favorite parts of the race are the medals. So, obviously you have to display them! I love seeing my medals and really like the visual reminder of all my hard work! 

Goodr Sunglasses

I recently got my first pair and I am OBSESSED! They stay in place the entire time, no matter how much you sweat. Plus, they come in so many fun styles and colors!! A definite must for any runner.

Let me know if you'd like to see more suggestions for runners or anyone else you're shopping for!

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