August Highlights + September At-A-Glance

August 31, 2022

HI! I’m Molly.

Here to encourage you on your own bold pursuit of intentional living as I live out my own. I’m passionate about running, spending time doing what I love and cheering others on to approach running with joy.

Let’s take a quick look at some of my favorite moments from August and what I have coming up in September!

I know it’s custom to start every blog like this saying, “I can’t believe it’s already XYZ month” but I seriously can’t believe it is already September!! I really wanted to slow down this year and focus on what really matters…let’s just say that is still a work in progress because it feels like time is FLYING haha. August was the start of a really crazy fall for us, so honestly, I really need to work on cutting out things that aren’t working (endless scrolling on TikTok at night, not planning meals ahead of time, etc.) and get my ish together as we go full steam ahead through December!! I feel really inspired to make some changes in September, because if I don't, I know I am going to be feeling so scrambled!!

August was a really fun month to close out the summer. Here are some moments I loved this past month:

California Wedding //

Beginning of the month we flew to San Diego to celebrate our best friends’ wedding! It was such a blast to celebrate and be with so many friends all weekend. We stayed for a couple days after to explore the area and I even fit a couple runs in while there!

Grape stomping //

My family went to a little festival nearby that had grape stomping (I Love Lucy, anyone?), live music and food trucks. It was so much fun! I’d always said I wanted to do this in Italy, but hey, this was a close second haha!! 

Charley’s Burgers // 

If you’re in Fort Worth, you need to come to Charley’s! It’s been around for forever and their burgers are so good AND so are their onion rings. Not to mention the serving sizes are massive!!

Arcade //

There are a couple arcades in Ft. Worth (I told my parents it was an adult arcade, but that sounded really weird, so maybe that’s not what they’re called?! I just mean it’s not like a Main Event or Dave & Busters hahaha) and they’ve been perfect for when it’s too hot to be outside on weekend afternoons. So much nostalgia playing Guitar Hero and Mario Kart again!

Hitting 10k on Instagram //

I honestly can’t believe I hit 10k! I was so nervous to start a new account, but I am SO thankful I did and really never expected it to grow the way that it has!! I am so grateful for every single one of my followers and so excited for everything that is to come! These are the donuts my husband surprised me with the morning I hit 10k haha!

My longest training run for the ultra yet //

Last but not least, I ran my longest training of this training cycle yet: 16 miles! It actually went really well and wasn’t too hard!! My 10 mile run the day following felt way more hard haha. Knee and Achilles felt pretty good and I am excited to crank up my mileage this month! 

September is going to be HECTIC! Like I mentioned, I really want to cut out what isn’t working and spend time doing what matters + fills me up! First couple of weeks will be normal as per usual, but then we go out of town for a wedding, we’re home for a couple days, then we leave for Europe (which we literally just booked!!), come home for two days and leave again for another wedding…then it’s October! I definitely need to spend some time looking over my training schedule and planning out all my run days with all the travel. 

I hope you had a wonderful August! Cheers to what’s ahead!! 

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