5 Places to Eat and Drink in Portland, OR

November 7, 2021

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Dom and I recently took a trip to Portland for the weekend and had the BEST time! I wanted to share our favorite spots that we ate and drank at.

I’d been to Portland once before about seven years ago for the Portland Marathon. I honestly can’t remember where we ate during that trip, except for Never Coffee, which I had to bring Dom too! We both love eating out, so we had a blast trying a ton of different places in Portland. I didn’t want to include every single place since we didn’t love all of them, which is why I’m sharing 5 places to eat and drink in Portland! I know if you go to these places you will not be disappointed!

Never Coffee

We tried a few different coffee shops and nothing compared to Never Coffee! I loved it when I went the first time because it’s so cute and colorful and this time around, I actually drink coffee, so I appreciated it even more because their coffee is fantastic! They have really fun flavors and seasonal drinks - plus their two locations have different drinks, so you have an excuse to go to them both! ;) The Gorge White HouseThe Gorge White House

The Gorge White House

1000% worth the drive! It's a family-owned farm with an amazing selection of ciders, plus really good, fresh food. The views driving there and once you’re there are incredible! It was our very favorite from the whole trip. If you have a car or a way to get there, you must go! 

Modern Times Beer

We were looking for a fun brewery and this one caught our eye while we were driving because the inside was so vibrant. In addition to having really fun decor, their drinks were so good. Dom got a beer flight and I got an amazing sangria. Would def recommend you check this place out! 


My only regret is not making a reservation!  Eem is a Thai BBQ restaurant and had such a unique menu that we had to go. I’m so glad we did! If you’re adventurous and like Thai food, you’ll love this place. Definitely make reservations because they had such a fun vibe. We ended up taking it to go and eating it at a nearby brewery, but would’ve loved to eat it there! 

Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai

I was SO excited about Pip’s and truly, it was worth all the hype! I always have to have donuts wherever I go and these were soooo good. I loved the mini size and the Chai was one of the best chai drinks I’ve ever had too! We got there pretty close to when it opened and there was still a line outside, so definitely plan on waiting in a line for just a bit. 

Definitely check these 5 places to eat and drink in Portland, OR out next time you’re there and tag me on Instagram! 
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