10 Sustainable Brands for Everyday Fashion

July 9, 2020

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I’m excited to share 10 sustainable brands for everyday fashion!

If you’ve been following along with my #ColorYourCapsule challenge, you know I’m focusing on more ethical fashion purchases. For me currently, that’s meant not buying any fashion. When the point comes I feel like there’s a gap in my closet, I’m excited to make a purchase from an ethical retailer, meaning both sustainably made and fair trade. It seems like a lot of people have the mindset of it being “too” hard to buy clothes ethically made. I think that is a silly silly excuse, so  I’ve put together a list of 10 sustainable brands for everyday fashion. Even if you think these brands aren't "for you," I hope you'll consider even just thinking twice about where you're purchasing from!


They have the CUTEST jumpsuits! While not as many options here for clothes as some others on the list, I love the classic styles they offer, not to mention all their gorgeous bags. They’re ethically made, meaning fair trade and sustainable production, and they’re all for creating more opportunities for women.

Alternative Apparel

A lot of times with sustainable clothes, it’s more timeless and classic pieces. Alternative Apparel for sure has clothes that are all the rage right now (tie-dye, anyone?) and at very reasonable prices. 70% of their materials are sustainable!

Dazey LA

I’ve been following them on Instagram for a bit and next clothing purchase I make, mark my words, it’s coming from here! If hearing the words “feminism,” “retro,” “bold” or “quirky” makes you get excited, don’t waste any more time and visit Dazey LA’s site!! Their motto is “clothing for people who care.” YES YES YES!!


I love their mission. The founder saw firsthand how damaging it was to clear trees to make products, so he decided to use hemp, which helps maintain clean air and water and can regenerate quickly (amongst many other benefits). They have a great selection of basic tees for around only $40 and some really fun, quirky pieces, like tie-dye shorts and hemp sandals!  


THE DRESSES! THE OVERALLS! THE JUMPSUITS! I saw this brand on one of my favorite bloggers awhile back and have been wanting um, everything, since then. 90% of the fibers they source as organic, recycled or regenerated and they’re big proponents of being transparent about the behind-the-scenes of their workers (and duh, it’s fair trade!).

Selva Negra

OH EM GEE. How fun are all their pieces?! They all have such personality and are different from most clothing brands I see! If you want bold, but feminine pieces, definitely look here! Their fabrics are sourced locally from LA and pieces are made there as well.

Shop Suunday

More so than I love their timeless styles, I looove the deep, rich colors they use. I think their site is so soothing and simplistic, which is how I want to feel when I look at my wardrobe haha! Their pieces would be great for a capsule wardrobe because they go with so many things.

The Tiny Closet

THIS is what slow fashion is all about! The Tiny Closet releases a small handful of new styles for all the seasons. They just released about 6 new pieces today and I love the gorgeous styles and cuts of them!

United by Blue

United by Blue is practically a one-stop shop! They’re extremely transparent about materials they use. They have clothes, daily products and reusables. I love the wide selection they offer and the clothes remind me a lot of something I’d see at Madewell!


THIS! Y’ALL! This is what slow fashion is all about! They have a five-piece capsule that you can wear 30 different ways. Even if you look at it just for inspiration, I hope you’ll take a look just to see how pieces can be worn so many different ways.

Any other faves of yours that I missed? Let me know!

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