10 Best Coffee Shops in Austin

March 5, 2022

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Let me start by saying this, there are SO many amazing places to grab coffee in Austin, but here is where I consider the 10 best coffee shops in Austin!

I’ve lived in Austin for two years now – isn’t that crazy?! But, I have yet to write a post about coffee shops here! It’s ironic because I actually used to hate coffee and if I were to go to a coffee shop, I wouldn’t order coffee. Now, however, I love coffee and I get excited to try iced lattes (or fun seasonal drinks) wherever I go. I’m no coffee snob, however, I do think all these places would be considered to have some very exceptionally good coffee! Again, there are sooo many coffee shops in Austin, so only picking 10 seemed sort of like a crime, but I wanted to make this list fun and easy to pick a place versus overwhelming with options.

10 Best Coffee Shops in Austin 

Ani’s Day and Night: A coffee shop and bar (you’re about to see a theme here), Ani’s is located in a beautiful Victorian home. The owner grew up in this home when he was younger and was able to buy it back - how cool is that?! The decor is vibrant and retro upon walking inside and the outside is incredibly spacious. 

Better Half Coffee & Cocktails: One of my favorite restaurants AND favorite coffees! Their chagaccino is incredible. It’s made with chaga mocha with cinnamon, vanilla and monkfruit and dare I say it, but it might just be my favorite coffee drink in all of Austin! It is a bit pricier than others because of the mushroom, but so worth it. 

Civil Goat Fine Coffee Roasters: Yes, they do actually have a goat! He’s out and about from 10-3 if you want to meet him haha! They have two locations and also one of my favorite lattes in Austin!! 

Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden: Cosmic Coffee is one of the coolest spots in Austin IMO! They utilize rainwater harvesting, chicken coops, on site composting…need I say more?! Not to mention they have an amazing outdoor space to hang and frequent events! 

Greater Goods Coffee: Greater Goods gets their beans from sustainable growers all around the world, which I think is so cool! If you’re a coffee snob, you’ll definitely love their selection. 

Hot L Coffee: Located inside the Carpenter Hotel (a former union hall), Hot L Coffee has the best vibes and also the best breakfast tacos I kid you not. It is a must to get both their coffee and tacos! 

Mañana Coffee Shop: This spot has been a favorite of mine for years! I love their decor, their pastries are always on point and they have one of my favorite matchas, which can be hard to get right! Located inside the South Congress Hotel, it’s the perfect spot for either staying all morning or popping in before strolling down SoCo.

Radio Coffee & Beer: You can never go wrong with Radio. Their coffee is great, they have food trucks out back, frequent trivia nights and shows and plenty of space to either camp out and do work or meet up with friends.

Thunderbird Coffee: Their speciality drinks are my favorite and are always soooo good! I love trying whatever seasonal drinks they have and they’re also really passionate about making sure their farmers and workers are getting paid fairly, which we love to see!

Try Hard Coffee Roasters: Ok this post is about coffee, yes, but their TOAST! Please don’t miss out on their toast omg. It’s to die for! And obviously, their coffee is amazing and everyone who works there is so kind.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, there are SO so many amazing coffee shops in Austin and this list hardly scratches the surface! If you’re looking for coffee shops to try though, I hope this gives you a place to start in what I consider the best coffee shops in Austin!! 

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